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GIS reportedly lands new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor module orders from Samsung

Touch panel maker General Interface Solution (GIS) is expected to lock in the first batch of in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor module orders from Samsung Electronics for usage in Korea-based brand's new flagship Galaxy S21 to be launched in 2021, according to industry sources.

GIS new sensor modules will be built using Qualcomm next-generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensing chips sized 8mm by 8mm, improving the sensing area by 77% and the unlocking speeds by 50% to the previous models, the sources said.

While having kicked off shipments of its new ultrasonic fingerprint sensing modules to clients in Japan since third-quarter 2020, GIS is also expected to add 2-3 Chinese handset vendors into its client base for the new products in 2021, further enhancing its presence in the Android phone segment, noted the sources.

Meanwhile, the company is also developing a larger sensing module sized 20mm by 30mm, with volume production likely to begin in the second half of 2021.