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STMicro, Xilinx chip prices to rise

A new wave of price hikes among chip vendors is looming as STMicro and Xilinx have both told clients their product prices will go up in fourth-quarter 2021. The US government reportedly is demanding foundry houses, including TSMC, provide information concerning their clients, which could force them to break their agreements with clints. In the memory sector, chip vendors are seeing inventory rising, prompting them to ask module firms to accelerate taking delivery of chip shipments.

STMicro, Xilinx to raise chip prices in 4Q21: STMicroelectronics and Xilinx have both notified their clients about price increases for their chip solutions starting the fourth quarter of 2021, which is expected to fuel a new wave of chipmakers passing increased costs onto downstream clients, according to industry sources.

US requests for confidential info from TSMC could offend major US vendors: The US government is reportedly demanding confidential data and information from foundries including TSMC and Samsung, a move that could offend major US vendors such as Apple and Qualcomm who partner with the foundries, according to sources in Taiwan's IC industry.

Memory chipmakers under pressure to offload inventory: Memory chip vendors are increasingly under pressure to offload inventory, and have turned aggressive demanding downstream module houses to take delivery of chips starting September, according to industry sources.