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PCBs in demand, 6-inch wafers strong

Most of the electronics sector is doing brisk business, and the few parts that are lagging are likely to perk up quickly. Printed circuit boards and integrated circuit substrates are in high demand, and Nan Ya PCB is expanding its production capacity to keep up with the market. MOSFETs and diodes are in such high demand that 6-inch wafer foundries expect to be working at full capacity utilization for the first half of the year. Smartphone sales will probably stagnate this year, but the demand for smartphone components is likely to bounce back in March, while new features may entice customers to buy new phones.

Nan Ya PCB doubles capex budget for 2022: Nan Ya PCB has set aside a capex budget of NT$17 billion (US$605.5 million) to expand its production capacity for ABF substrates to meet persistently strong demand from chipmaking clients. At a recent investor conference, Nan Ya disclosed plans to boost its IC substrate capacity by 20% in 2022. Under the plans, the company is set to ramp up volume production of ABF substrates. Additional capacity for BT substrates will be operational at its new fab in Kunshan. The company said it will focus production more on IC substrates and gradually scale down output of HDI and traditional PCB products.

6-inch fabs fully loaded for SGT MOSFETs, automotive diodes till 2Q22: Taiwan's 6-inch wafer foundry specialists are expected to maintain full capacity utilization throughout at least the first half of the year to meet strong demand for SGT (split-gate-trench) MOSFETs for IT applications as well as automotive diodes for power systems. MOSFET suppliers and diode makers are strengthening their production of SGT MOSFETs for use in servers and commercial notebooks and desktops.

Component demand for Android smartphones to pick up in March: Component demand for Android smartphones is expected to pick up at a gradual pace later this month, thanks to the availability of new models from China-based brand vendors. Global smartphone shipments will likely stay flat in 2022. Adoption of new smartphone features may drive smartphone sales in 2022.