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LCD driver IC prices to rise on tight supply

LCD panel makers have seen orders picking up, in turn boosting their demand for driver ICs. But supply of LCD driver ICs has fallen far short of demand, prompting vendors to consider raising prices. Many other components are also in short supply, including networking chips. Some networking chip vendors, such as Braodcom, have had to extend their delivery lead times. At TSMC, its foundry services are expected to see strong demand from 5G, HPC and automotive sectors during second-quarter 2021.

LCD driver IC supply falling short of demand by over 20%: The supply of LCD driver ICs has fallen short of demand by more than 20%, prompting Taiwan-based suppliers to consider price hikes, according to industry sources.

Networking chip supply getting tight: Some networking chip vendors, such as Broadcom, have extended their delivery lead times to as long as 50 weeks due to the tight supply of critical parts and components, heralding the tight supply of networking chips in the second half of 2021, according to industry sources.

TSMC 2Q21 capacity filled by orders for 5G, HPC and auto chips: TSMC has seen its production capacity during the second quarter filled by a strong pull-in of orders for 5G, HPC and automotive electronics chips, according to industry sources.