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PWM IC designers see record sales in September revenues

Power management IC designers Leadtrend Technology, Fitipower Integrated Technology, Weltrend Semiconductor and Global Mixed-mode Technology (GMT) have reported consolidated revenues of NT$143 million (US$4.9 million), NT$1.807 billion, NT$256 million and NT$700.8 million respectively for September, all hitting their highest-ever monthly levels.

The results were mainly driven by growing demand for fast charging devices for 5G smartphones that consume more power, according to industry sources.

GaN-based power chargers and all fast power charging technologies, including MediaTek-developed Pump Express and Qualcomm-developed Quick Charge, all need PWM ICs for power control and adjustment, the sources said.

Growing demand for notebooks, tablets and hand-held consumer electronics has also boosted demand for fast chargers, the sources noted.