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Passive components shipments affected by IC shortages

Passive components makers are closely monitoring the impact of IC shortages on their actual shipments for notebook, server and automotive segments, so as to work out optimal materials procurement and inventory policies, according to industry sources.

Some EMS and ODM clients have fluctuated notably in pulling in shipments of passive components due mainly to unstable supply of display driver ICs, power management ICs and other peripheral ICs, which remain in severe shortage, the sources said.

Despite more or less overbooking at downstream assemblers of notebooks and servers, passive components makers are more concerned about whether shortages of ICs and other components will hit the worst point by the end of second-quarter 2021 and then gradually ease in the second half of the year, the sources said.

The makers expect their shipments for automotive applications to register double-digit on-year increases of 20-40% in 2021 thanks to hot demand from the EV and automotive electronics sector, but actual growth will hinge on to what extent the automotive chips shortages can ease in the months ahead, the sources said.