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Tesla reportedly scrambling for IC supply

Tesla is reportedly approaching IC suppliers in Taiwan, Korea and the US, seeking to secure steady supplies of automotive chips with advance payments, according to industry sources.

It might be difficult for Tesla to achieve significant results, given the IT and automotive supply chain makers have been competing for the foundry capacity since the fourth quarter of 2020, said the sources.

In the first quarter of 2021, there were reports saying that Tesla had already piled up enough IC parts for its target production of 500,000 EVs.

However, speculations have emerged recently indicating the firm is short of semiconductor parts, and it has even admitted that it has been feeling the pinch.

The firm's recent decision to remove mmWave radar sensors from its EVs highlights the shortage of its IC parts, said the sources.

Some reports have even claimed that Telsa is not ruling out the possibility of buying foundry houses as alternatives. It is doubtful for such an effort in terms of technological and geopolitical concerns, said the sources.