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MediaTek demos Wi-Fi 7 technology

MediaTek has showcased what the company claims is the world's first live demo of Wi-Fi 7 technology, and expects products with Wi-Fi 7 to hit the market starting in 2023.

Although the Wi-Fi industry is still promoting Wi-Fi 6/6E, the setting of the standards for the technologies and product design for Wi-Fi 7 is already at the final stage.

Broadcom is also expected to unveil its Wi-Fi 7 technologies in the first half of 2022; its clients should receive samples of the products in the second half.

MediaTek is set to release its Wi-Fi 7 products in 2023; the company expects the technology to rapidly penetrate the market starting in 2024. Broadcom, Qualcomm, and Intel also expect Wi-Fi 7-based product shipments to start rising in 2024 or 2025.

Since Wi-Fi 7 is likely to become available much earlier than expected, some market observers believe the Wi-Fi 6E will only have a short lifecycle. However, some IC designers expect Wi-Fi 6E's wideband frequency support will help it to gain a niche in the Wi-Fi market, while Wi-Fi 7's multi-link operation (MLO) will be crucial for the stable operation of IoT systems.