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Upstream PCB materials supply remains tight

PCB manufacturers continue to see their supply constrained by the ongoing shortage of related upstream materials, such as copper foils and epoxy resin, according to industry sources.

Upstream PCB materials suppliers continue to see customers step up their pace of orders, which shows no signs of inventory correction at PCB manufacturers, the sources indicated.

Nevertheless, PCB makers have started seeing a slowdown in orders from China-based handset companies, which are engaged in inventory correction, the sources said.

On the other hand, PCB suppliers continue to see their shipments for notebooks and PCs constrained by related IC shortages that are in varying degrees, the sources noted. As for automotive PCBs, shipments will be less constrained in the second half of this year thanks to improvement in related chip shortages, the sources said.

Meanwhile, prices for upstream PCB materials have started to rise at a slower pace. Copper foil prices will likely become stable in the second half of this year as copper prices at the London Metal Exchange (LME) start to fall, according to the sources.