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Analog IC vendor Silergy to score record revenues, profits in 2021

Analog IC design house Silergy is expected to see its revenues and profits hit record highs in 2021 thanks to significant product mix improvement and strong demand for handset, datacenter, panel and automotive applications, according to industry sources.

The company has estimated its 2021 revenues to grow 20-30% on year with gross margins to rebound to 45-49%. Its revenues rose 28.74% on year to NT$13.876 billion (US$495.57 million) in 2020 and net earnings recorded an annual expansion of 40.93% reaching NT$3.278 billion.

Silergy is optimistic that shipments of high-margin automotive and datacenter chips will contribute more to its revenues and profits this year.

It has successfully tapped into the supply chains of first-tier automotive electronics OEMs and car brands in the US and Japan, with shipments to the clients likely to grow exponentially in 2021.

Datacenter clients have also resumed shipment pull-ins from the company starting first-quarter 2021 after completing inventory adjustments in second-half 2020, and demand from the sector is expected to expand in the months ahead.

Silergy is also upbeat about sales of 5G handset peripheral chips including PMICs along with the mounting penetration of new-generation smartphones. Its shipments of precision amplifier chips to communication clients will also ramp up steadily in 2021.

The company disclosed it is actively seeking new foundry capacity support to satisfy increasing demand from clients.