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Notebook ODMs reluctant to expand to India

PC brand vendors have stepped up manufacturing in India, but their Taiwan-based notebook production partners have been reluctant to set up assembly lines in the South Asia country. Taiwan-based networking device makers expect chip shortages to prolong despite strong order momentum in 2022. Prices of DDR3 and other specialty DRAM are expected to stop falling soon and may rebound at the end of first-quarter 2022.

Taiwan notebook ODMs reluctant to set up production lines in India: Many PC brand vendors have moved to carry out localized production in India to benefit from the country's PLI (production linked incentive) scheme, but Taiwan's four major notebook ODMs have yet to become their manufacturing partners there, according to industry sources.

Networking device makers see chip shortage persisting: Taiwan's networking device makers including Sercomm, Arcadyan Technology, Gemtek Technology and Accton Technology continue to encounter chip shortages with delivery lead times for core ICs prolonged to over 50 weeks, but they are confident about robust order momentum in 2022, according to industry sources.

Specialty DRAM prices soon to stop falling: DDR3 and other specialty DRAM prices are expected to stop falling and begin to rise as early as between the end of the first quarter and the second quarter, according to industry sources.