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Leadframe demand for car power modules promising in next 2-3 years

Taiwan-based leadframe makers Shuen Der Industry (SDI) and Jih Lin Technology are optimistic about shipments for automotive power components and modules over the next two to three years, according to industry sources.

Their optimism is based on the projections by major automotive IC IDMs including STMicroelectronics, Infineon, On-Semiconductor and Rohm Semiconductor that demand for automotive control components, power modules and safety modules will remain robust at least throughout 2023, the sources said.

Both SDI and Jih Lin have each seen some 40% of their revenues come from leadframes for processing automotive control devices and other internal electronics modules, the sources noted.

SDI mainly supplies high-spec leadframes to IDMs to support their in-house packaging of automotive power modules, with such shipments accounting for up to 70% of its leadframe revenues, the sources said, adding that the company now leads in the supply of leadframes for high power modules and is the world's fourth largest leadframe vendor.

SDI also scores 40% of revenues from leadframes for high-end inverter household appliances, 5G RF modules and industrial control applications. Its voice coil motors are also adopted for handset camera modules and other 3C consumer electronics devices.