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Taiwan COF packaging/testing service providers positive about 4Q21 demand

Taiwan-based COF (chip on film) OSAT (outsourced semiconductor assembly and test) service providers such as ChipMOS Technologies and Chipband Technology as well as COF substrate supplier JMC Electronics hold the general opinion that fourth-quarter 2021 demand for COF packaging/testing services for DDI (display driver ICs) used in large-size panels will not slip or is likely to grow slightly on quarter.

This is mainly due to possibly increased demand for high-end TVs and continued strong demand for business-use and gaming notebooks and LCD monitors in the fourth quarter, COF OSAT service providers said.

Many OSAT service providers have signed with IC design houses for the latter to utilize contracted minimum amounts of packaging/testing services, equivalent to minimum demand for the former, the sources indicated.

In addition to large-size panels, IC design house Novatek Microelectronics took the initiative to adopt COF packaging/testing services for DDI used in panels of automotive displays, with other IC designers expected to follow suit, the sources noted.

Novatek, Himax Technologies, FocalTech Systems, Fitipower Integrated Technology and Raydium Semiconductor are expected to enhance designs of DDI used in 4K and 8K TVs in 2022, the sources indicated.