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Changes in India-Taiwan relations

According to Taiwan's representative to India, Baushuan Ger, Indian economic and trade authorities have been keen on forging ties with Taiwan, hoping to have Taiwanese firms construct plants in India. People may still be skeptical about the Indian market. India lacks infrastructure support and people question whether the Indian government is sincere in supporting Taiwanese investors.

High-level Indian officials have a "hidden agenda," namely to wean off India's reliance on China. Before 2020, India had been keen on wooing investments from China. But as India's trade deficit with China broke the US$100 billion mark in 2022, "China-less" is now the new political appeal. In the past, India would usually keep a low profile in trade talks with Taiwan, but now Indian government officials are asking the Taiwanese government to encourage wafer foundry houses to establish fabs in India. Within the framework of the US-China trade war, geopolitics is having great bearing on the semiconductor industry.

During my visit to India's association of components suppliers, I got a clear message from its officials: it is time India and Taiwan join forces.

DIGITIMES has a correspondent in Bengaluru. He joined us in Delhi during our stay in the city.

How do we set our guidelines for reporting in India? We basically follow the five major areas that interest the Taiwanese firms: the big-four telecom companies; major EMS firms; unicorn companies; software outsourcing firms; and cross-boundary IC design service providers. Long-term tracking of Indian industries will enrich our database, which will better our understanding of India's high-tech industries.

Are government policies important information? The government is eager to let the world know that it is seeking foreign investments. And companies from different sectors may need different government information. We are not in a position to help the Indian government promote its policies; rather we are here to provide Taiwanese firms and the global tech industry with essential information about its policies. We are a media outlet plus consultancy firm. We arrange professional activities that enhance collaboration between Indian and Taiwanese firms.

A stronger Taiwanese electronics industry will give DIGITIMES a bigger stage.