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Chinese firm to spend big building ABF substrate lines

In line with the country's bid to improve semiconductor self-sufficiency, China-based PCB maker Shennan Circuits has made plans to invest almost US$1 billion in building ABF substrate production lines. In Korea, Samsung is unlikely to move 3nm GAA process to volume production until 2023, according to Digitimes Research. In the US, Compal has disclosed a plan to fully acquire production facilities in Indiana from a subsidiary of Cal-Comp Thailand for making car electronics.

Shennan Circuits to build production capacity for ABF substrates: China-based PCB maker Shennan Circuits has disclosed plans to invest a total of CNY6 billion (US$925.3 million) in building production lines for ABF substrates, making it the first Chinese maker to venture into the segment and marking a big step forward in pursuing China's self-supply for high-end IC substrates, according to industry sources.

Samsung unlikely to move 3nm GAA process to volume production until 2023: Samsung Electronics is unlikely to move its 3nm gate-all-around (GAA) FET technology to volume production until 2023, which may put it at a disadvantage in the race for cutting-edge chips, according to Digitimes Research.

Compal acquires Indiana factory from Cal-Comp for car electronics: Compal Electronics has announced that it is acquiring 100% Cal-Comp USA (Indiana)'s shares. Cal-Comp Indiana is the sub-subsidiary of Cal-Comp Thailand. Now Compal and Cal-Comp belong to the same parent group.