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Huawei ban has little impact on Taiwanese IC supply chain

When tough US sanctions against Huawei took effect in mid September, Taiwanese chip suppliers did lose massive orders from one of their biggest clients. But Taiwan's IC ecosystem has since seen the void filled up by strong demand from the 5G, AI, HPC and automotive sectors. Foundry capacity has been tight, resulting in shortages and rising prices in some components segments, such as DDI chips. PCB makers have also seen copper foil prices rising amid increasingly tight supply.

Taiwan IC ecosystem unscathed by Huawei ban: The impact of Huawei's woes on its Taiwan-based chip suppliers has been smaller than expected, according to industry sources.

Novatek and other DDI chip suppliers to raise quotes for 1Q21: A number of Taiwan-based LCD driver IC suppliers, including Novatek Microelectronics, have completed talks with downstream clients over raising quotes for their TDDI and DDI chips in the first quarter of 2021, according to industry sources.

PCB makers to see copper foil shortage in 1H21: Taiwan's PCB industry is expected to face shortages of upstream materials in first-half 2021, particularly copper foils for both general and high-end applications, according to industry sources.