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SEMI, Foxconn, UMC Release AutoIC Master Scheme to Integrate Ecosystem

EMI, Foxconn Technology and UMC provide complete automotive chip solutions through effective and close partnerships with Taiwan’s automotive semiconductor supply chain, facilitating expansion into the global automotive chip market and by automakers. We have jointly released the SEMI AutoIC Master program designed to facilitate the research and development of innovation.

SEMI Taiwan President Terry Tsao said the protracted shortage of car chips is accelerating the transformation of the entire car supply chain, ensuring that automakers have ample capacity and innovative solutions.

Foxconn Chairman Young Liu said the Auto IC Master platform is focused on the IC segment, and its MIH platform emphasizes the integration of component modularization and standardization to serve global automotive OEMs. Complement each other using joint efforts to create maximum synergies in.

Liu said the chip is the brain of the car, and if the Auto IC Master can help deploy the best chips, the best brain to smartly control CASE (car networking, autonomous driving, shared services, electrification). Means to have. Operations is a market segment that can leverage the existing advantages of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

From the ongoing development of new energy vehicles around the world, Taiwan as the world’s most important semiconductor hub attracts talented people, produces extremely high output values ​​and provides a variety of automotive chips. He emphasized that he is in a profitable pole position.

UMC Honorary Vice President John Suan also said that future vehicles will need more chips, and one electric vehicle will use more than 250 chips compared to the 40 chips of traditional petroleum-fueled vehicles. And Taiwan’s semiconductor players will need to work together to create an integrated ecosystem, opening up huge business opportunities through the Auto IC Master initiative.

In fact, according to industry sources, Taiwanese players in various semiconductor segments such as foundries, back-end processing, IC design, and even leadframes, probe cards, and PCBs have all set automotive applications as key growth drivers for the future. I am. In addition, major foundries such as TSMC, UMC, VIS, and major IC design companies Novatek Microelectronics and Realtek Semiconductor are all key members of the global automotive semiconductor supply chain.

For example, TSMC has placed a large number of chip manufacturing orders for the Sony-Honda joint venture EV brand. We also continue to manufacture automotive chips for IDMs such as Infineon, NXP, Renesas, TI and STMicroelectronics. UMC and VIS also show that the revenue contribution of automotive chips is steadily rising.

Meanwhile, Realtek has won orders for automotive Ethernet chips from Tesla, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda and Toyota, and Novatec has joined BMW EV’s supply chain with automotive chips, sources said.

Manufacturers of diodes, MOSFETs, leadframes and other components in Taiwan are also looking to deploy in automotive applications such as Actron Technology, Panjit International, Eris Technology, SDI and Chang Wah Technology, all further with the support of AutoIC Master. It is expected to enjoy the momentum of growth. Said MIH platform, sources.