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PC vendors want more control over components sourcing

Components shortage has been troubling the PC sector for months. PC brand vendors, seeking to secure components supply, have moved to directly place orders with IC design houses, skipping their ODMs. Apple is expected to unveil two miniLED-backlit MacBook Pro devices later this year. As its present supplier of miniLED backlighting applications is unlikely to be able to fully support the production for the new devices, Apple reportedly has enlisted Osram Opto as a second supplier. Qualcomm is gearing up its deployment in the notebook processor market. Its 5G PC processors are targeting the high-end commercial segment and the lower-end consumer/education segment.

Brand PC vendors moving to directly place orders with chipmakers: Brand PC vendors, such as HP, have moved to skip usual practice by placing orders directly with IC design houses that usually land orders from ODMs, according to industry sources.

Osram Opto reportedly to support production of miniLED-backlit MacBook Pro: Osram Opto Semiconductors reportedly will become a new supplier of miniLED for backlighting Apple's new MacBook Pro lineup slated for launch in the second half of 2021, according to industry sources.

Qualcomm deepening deployments in 5G PC processors: Qualcomm is stepping up its deployments in 5G PC processors seeking to tap demand from the segments of both high-end commercial notebooks and lower-end education and consumer notebooks, and many brand vendors including Samsung and Acer have rolled out new models adopting its 5G processors.