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AMICCOM intros 2.4GHz low power wireless RF SOC for IoT application

AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) has announced a new 2.4GHz wireless transceiver SOC named A8131M0. The A8131M0 supports data rate 250kbps to 2Mbps with FSK modulation. This chip integrates high performance Arm Cortex-M0, built-in 128Kbyte/256Kbyte flash memory, 32Kbytes SRAM, 23 GPIOs and various digital interfaces, and 2-wire ICE can be developed with Keil C.

The maximum TX Power of A8131M0 is +5dBm, the receiving sensitivity is -90dBm (@2 Mbps FSK), the maximum Link budget is 95dB so that the transmission distance can reach 100 meters. The A8131M0 also integrates a DC-DC converter to provide efficient power applications. With input voltage 3.3V for DC-DC converter, A8131M0 RX mode current is 8.3mA, TX mode current is 10.3mA (+5dBm). It also supports programmable RF output power (-30dBm to +5dBm) and programmable data rate (250kbps to 2Mbps).

The MCU core of A8131M0 is Arm Cortex-M0, which can provide fast computing, user can adjust the MCU speed according to the overall power consumption requirements. A8131M0 has a flexible power management system, the current consumption in deep sleep mode is 300nA and the current consumption in sleep mode with internal timer (32KHz) turned-on is 1.2uA.

Moreover, the accuracy of internal timer (32KHz) after calibration can reach +/- 0.2 %. The A8131M0 has a built-in AES128 co-processor which provides data protection and security. All above features make A8131M0 suitable for various low-power IOT applications. A8131M0 is equipped with a variety of digital interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI. It has 7 PWM outputs, two 32-bit timers and one 32-bit dual mode timer. These interfaces share pins with 23 GPIOs, which can be used according to user's application requirements.

A8131M0 is also equipped with 12bit ADC, which provides up to 7 channels for external signal measurement. Overall, the A8131M0 is a wireless transceiver SOC with high performance and low power consumption. It has excellent RF performance with 5dBm output power amplifier, and supports a variety of digital interfaces and I/O. All functions are integrated in the QFN5x5 package.


Supply and packaging

A8131M0 package is 5 mm x 5 mm QFN-40 and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Welcome to request IC samples and evaluation modules, and start development work. Please contact AMICCOM Electronics for more detail.