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PWM IC in serious shortages

Tight foundry capacity has constrained semiconductor supply, with PWM ICs in particularly serious shortages. The IC shortages are delaying shipments of end-market devices that are badly needed to support stay-at-home activities. In response to the robust demand, Microsoft has increased orders for its Surface series notebooks with its ODMs. In the semiconductor sector, top foundry houses' development of advanced packaging technologies will not undermine their partnerships with backend service providers, according to an Amkor executive.

Power management chips in severe shortages: The global supply of ICs demanding 8-inch wafer fabrication services has been tight, with shortages of power management chips (PWM IC) being particularly severe, according to industry sources.

ODMs see rising orders for Surface notebooks: Microsoft has placed brisk orders for its Surface series notebooks, but component shortages remain an issue for the supply of the devices, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Top foundries to maintain tight partnerships with OSATs, says Amkor executive: Leading foundry houses are mostly partners rather than competitors for OSAT firms despite their aggressive deployment in advanced 3D IC packaging solutions, according to Amkor Technology Taiwan president Mike Ma.