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Automotive PCB vendors set to scale up shipments in 2H21

Taiwan's automotive PCB suppliers are poised to embrace notable shipment increases in the second half of the year, bolstered by the growing improvement to automotive IC supply, according to industry sources.

TSMC and other foundry peers are moving to offer substantial capacity support for automotive clients in the third quarter, with IC shortage facing the automotive supply chain on track to ease significantly, the sources said.

This in turn will enable automotive PCB makers to scale up their shipments in the months ahead, the sources said. The makers, despite abundant orders in hand, saw their actual shipments in first-half 2021 dented by shortages of automotive ICs and other components resulting from insufficient foundry capacity support, the sources added.

But the makers are facing a new variable that may affect their shipments in the second half of the year, the sources said, adding that the growing difficulty in labor forces replenishment at automakers in the US and Europe may affect their production progress and slow down shipment pull-ins from suppliers of PCB and other components.