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Automotive chip prices set to rise

Automotive IDMs have already told their clients that their chip prices will go up by 10-20% starting 2022 amid rising compoents and materaisls costs. Foundry quotes have been rising, but they are expected to increase less sharply next year with near-term demand for IC components to remain robust. Foundry houses' race to advance process technologies is promising strong growth for EUV tool vendor ASML.

Automotive IDMs to raise chip prices by 10-20% in 2022: Automotive IDMs have notified their clients about 10-20% price hikes for their chips starting 2022 as they continue to face mounting costs for raw materials, according to industry sources.

Foundry quotes to rise at slower pace in 2022: Foundry quotes are expected to continue rising but at a slower pace in 2022, according to sources at Taiwan-based pure-play foundries.

ASML gearing up for EUV equipment boom: With Intel announcing plans to adopt ASML's high-NA EUV machines in its post-nanometer process technology that is expected to be ready for production by 2025, ASML has disclosed it is developing a next-generation EUV platform that increases the numerical aperture from 0.33 to 0.55.