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CHPT cooperates with CHT to set up 5G-based smart factory

IC testing interface solution provider Chunghwa Precision Test (CHPT) has upgraded its factory in northern Taiwan into 5G-based smart facility through cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), its parent company, according to CHPT.

CHT provides a 5G enterprise-use private network mainly consisting of dedicated base stations and MEC (multi-access edge computing) equipment to match CHPT-developed smart manufacturing solutions featuring AR production management, AIoT sensors, edge computing, and AI-enhanced management.

CHPT has developed smart manufacturing solutions for in-house for five years, with more than 1,000 AIoT sensors deployed at production lines. Through cooperation with CHT, these sensors are connected to perform various smart functions: sensors are used to real-time analyze and adjust concentrations of metals and compounds in chemical liquids; and edge computing systems are integrated with equipment, MES (manufacturing execution system), RFID and AGVs (automated guided vehicles).

Smart manufacturing solutions have improved production efficiency, yield rates and working environments, and have decreased wastewater and wastes, said CHPT chairman Lin Kuo-feng.