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Taiwan IC vendors to raise prices

Increasing foundry and materials costs are prompting some major IC vendors in Taiwan to decide to raise their product prices in fourth quarter of 2021. In China, many components makers are being affected by the Chinese government's decision to cut power supply to industrial users in line with its carbon reduction policy. PCB suppliers will find out this week whether Apple will increase or cut orders for the iPhone 13 series.

Taiwan IC vendors poised to raise prices in 4Q21: Several Taiwan-based IC design houses are poised to raise their chip prices starting the fourth quarter of 2021 to reflect rising manufacturing costs, according to industry sources.

Components plants in China suffering from power cuts: As part of its carbon reduction efforts, China is enforcing varying degrees of power cuts and rationing on industrial users in at least five provinces including Jiangsu and Guangdong, sending manufacturing plants, especially small-and medium-sized ones, cutting output or halting production entirely, according to industry sources.

PCB suppliers optimistic about additional orders for iPhone 13 series: Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chain of iPhone 13 series are set to know whether Apple will cut or increase orders during the last week of September, but most of them are optimistic that additional orders will come from the US vendor, according to industry sources.