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PTI obtains new bumping orders for logic chips

Memory backend specialist Powertech Technology (PTI) has recently obtained wafer bumping orders for networking chips from Broadcom and MediaTek, indicating a significant payoff in its deployments in the logic IC field, according to industry sources.

PTI declined to comment on specific clients and orders, but acknowledged it has seen good results in the logic IC segment.

PTI is looking to set up a bumping center and will target the world's first-tier vendors of logic ICs as main clients, paving the way for winning FC-BGA and FC-CSP packaging orders, the source said, adding that wafer bumping is a frontend operation of the entire packaging process.

PTI expects logic ICs to account for over 50% of its bumping business in the future, and may move to expand bumping capacity to meet ever-increasing demand, the sources said. But capacity expansion can hardly be done in the short term as delivery lead times for bumping machines have extended to 8-9 months, the sources added.

In terms of labor division in rendering logic IC backend services, PTI is expected to center on processing high-end 5G HPC and networking chips, and its affiliate Greatek Electronics will remain focused on lower-end power management ICs, T-Con chips and MCUs, all now in large demand for diverse consumer electronics devices, while its testing arm Terapower Technology will continue to offer chip probing support, the sources said.