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Server chips in serious shortage

The server sector has seen chip shortages worsening, with lead time for critical ICs for server production extended to 52 weeks. Improvements are unlikely until at least fourth-quarter 2021. Chip supply has been tight across all industry sectors, thanks to insufficient foundry service supply. Pure-play foundries are mulling quote hikes in second-half 2021. Meanwhile, Micron has disclosed plans to adopt EUV technology for DRAM manufacturing.

Server IC shortage worsens: Shortages of server ICs continue to worsen, which may constrain server ODMs' shipment growth in the third quarter, according to industry sources.

Foundries see orders continue pulling in: Pure-play foundries continue to see orders continue pulling in and are encouraged to raise again their quotes in the second half of this year, despite concerns raised recently about a slowdown in end-market demand, according to industry sources.

Micron to adopt EUV in DRAM manufacturing by 2024: Micron Technology has disclosed plans to start implementing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology in the manufacture of DRAM chips by 2024.