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Top-5 notebook vendors see combined shipments slip in August

The impact of chip shortages that are in varying degrees had a negative impact on the overall notebooks shipped by the world's top-5 notebook brands (excluding Apple) in August, which saw a 3% sequential drop, according to Digitimes Research.

Weakening orders for education products plus shipment decelerations in consumer and mid-range to high-end enterprise notebooks, due to panel and IC shortages, led to the on-month shipment decline in August for the top-5 brands together.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) continued to witness a major decline in Chromebook shipments in August, while its regular notebooks still enjoyed an on-month increase.

Lenovo surpassed HP to become the largest notebook brand in the world in August thanks to the expansion of its presence in Europe and China as well as the advantages of having in-house production lines and strong bargaining ability in component procurement.

Dell also saw a significant on-month decline in August shipments as a result of a high comparison base a month ago.

The top-3 ODMs' combined shipments slipped 6% on month in August with Compal Electronics outperforming Quanta Computer and Wistron with its robust orders for enterprise models.