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Competitive scramble for chips intensifies

The world's markets demand more chips than are readily available. Multiple chipmakers have begun capacity expansion projects, even though some critics fear that oversupply could be possible in the future. Reportedly, TSMC will start construction a new factory in Japan in April. Suppliers are struggling to secure enough 28nm production capacity to fulfill the orders they have on hand. Sources say that Sanan's mini LED chips are of sufficiently high quality to illuminate the screens of Apple products.

TSMC reportedly to break ground for new Japan fab in April: TSMC is scheduled to break ground for its new wafer fab in Kumamoto, Japan in April 2022, according to Japanese media reports, which said that Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM), the JV foundry between TSMC and Sony Semiconductor Solutions, disclosed during an online meeting that construction of the Kumamoto fab will kick off next month and is scheduled to be completed in September 2023.

IC design houses competing for available 28nm process capacity: Despite growing concerns about oversupply, Taiwan-based IC design houses continue to vie for the available 28nm process capacity at foundries to fill orders through next year, according to industry sources. Concerns have been raised among market observers about the possibility that oversupply may occur, particularly in the mature process segment, when all foundries carry out their expansion projects.

Sanan reportedly obtains Apple certification for miniLED chips: It has been reported that Sanan Optoelectronics has recently obtained certification from Apple for backlighting-use miniLED chips. Sanan has secured rights to use patented miniLED technology.