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Taiwan IC designers expect Type-C chips to grow over 50% globally in 2021, 2022

Taiwan-based IC design houses are generally optimistic about globally increasing adoption of USB Type-C interface specification, and expect global demand for Type-C chips to grow over 50% on year in 2021 and 2022 each, according to industry sources.

While there are still different interface specifications available for transfers of data and images as well as fast power charging, Type-C has appeared to gain the upper hand, the sources said, adding that the EU, particularly, will probably set rules supporting Type-C.

Among Taiwan-based IC design houses, suppliers of Type-C chips are of three categories: (1) IP supply, such as Global Unichip and Faraday Technology; (2) USB Type-C IC design, including VIA Labs, AlgoTek, Genesis Logic, Alcor Micro, Prolific Technology, JMicron Technology, Weltrend Semiconductor, and Etron Technology; (3) Analog IC design, such as Global Mixed-mode Technology, Leadtrend Technology, uPI Semiconductor, and Amazing Microelectronic.