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MCU firm Megawin optimistic about profit outlook

MCU supplier Megawin Technology is on track to swing back to profitability in 2021, having experienced profits for three consecutive quarters as of the first of the year.

Megawin has seen its sales and earnings continue to improve recently, thanks to rising MCU prices driven by the tight production capacity at 8-inch foundry fabs and IC backend service firms, and robust demand for MCU products, the firm said.

Its May revenues came to NT$59.93 million (US$2.16 million), up 32.6% from a year earlier. For January-May, revenues amounted to NT$253 million, up 48.28% on year.

It posted net profit of NT$4.39 million or NT$0.11 per share for the first quarter of 2011.

The brisk performance was driven by the robust demand for its 8-bit MCUs for wireless charging, industrial control and household appliances, as well as 32-bit ones for power control, communication and peripheral applications, it said.

Given that current supplies of MCU devices are still falling short of demand, Megawin will facilitate its product developments, with plans to roll out new series of 8- and 32-bit MCUs to cash in on growing demand.

It also plans to start volume production of 8-pin MCU products in fourth-quarter 2021, targeting remote-control, electric toothbrush, temperature/humidity display, and LED lighting control applications.