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China power restrictions hitting industries

China has imposed a power cut policy that has hit many factories in many of provinces. Taiwan-based PCB makers who have manufacturing lines in Suzhou and Kunshan have stopped production following orders from local governments implementing the power cut policy. The production at the plants will not resume until October 1. But the power curbs have not affected the country's wafer foundry sector where production remains mormal. And despite China's crackdown on cryptomining, demand for graphics cards emains strong.

Taiwan PCB firms asked to halt production in China: Taiwan-based PCB makers with manufacturing plants in Suzhou and Kunshan, China have been required to suspend production at their local fabs September 26-30 due to government-led power cuts, according to industry sources.

China power cuts unlikely to impact foundry sector: With the foundry sector being excluded from those that China's local governments have asked to curb power use by halting production for one or more days per week, output at wafer fabs in China is unlikely to see impacts, according to industry sources.

Graphics card supply stays tight: The supply of graphics cards remains tight despite China's crackdown on cryptomining, with demand set to continue outpacing supply and pushing up prices through the first half of 2022, according to industry sources.