BR2262e-s Bluetooth 4.2 module

BR2262e-s Bluetooth 4.2 module

Barrot BR1001

DayStar Electric Technology - BR2262e-s Bluetooth 4.2 module

DayStar Electric Technology - BR2262e-s Bluetooth 4.2 module


Hardware architecture SoC
Chip BR1001
Size(mm) 15 x 12 x 1.8
Bluetooth specification V5.0Single Mode
Temperature range (℃) -40 to +85
Operating voltage (V) 3.3
Bluetooth class Class 2
Range, line of sight (m) Classic:-
Antenna External
Transmit power (dBm) 2 @BLE 1M
Receiver sensitivity (dBm) -90 @BLE 1M
Consumption Deep sleep 15uA
Inquiring -
Scanning / Advertising 300uA
Stendby 150uA
Connected 2.9mA
Data Transfer 4.8mA
Pins 30
Host Interfaces UART
Peripheral Interfaces GPIO, I2C, SPI, ADC
Shielding case No
Weight (g) -
Profiles GATT, HOGP
Support mode Master and slave
Multi-Connection 3 gatt as periphearl + 3gatt as server
Maximum Throughput SPP:-
GATT:8KB / s
Firmware upgrade UART / OTA
Memory 128K RAM, 256KROM
Number of compatible phones GATT:600+
Key Feature Low energy
Support Master or Slave roles
Industrial temperature range from
-40℃ to +85℃
RoHS Compliant
Certifications BQB


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